Read All Manufactures Disclaimers and Instructions Before Using Your Titan Hunting Blind. For the Safety and Enjoyment of all users please follow the instructions and warnings from the Manufacture. Users who do not follow these are using this product at their own risk. Do not use any heating device or item that produces an open flame or fume in your Titan Hunting Blind. A Blind is considered an enclosure and is not suitable for any heating or cooking product that is labeled for outdoor use. Failure to adhere with this warning may result in serious injury or death. Titan Hunting Blinds will not assume any responsibility or liability for damage, expense, or injury incurred during installation or set up of any Titan Hunting Blind product. While Titan Hunting Blinds do include points than can be used to elevate your blind you do so at your own risk. Incorrectly elevating a Titan Hunting Blind can result in serious injury or death.